Elegant 70s Style Flare Bottoms Designed and Developed by Himani Chawla

Flare bottoms are the style of trousers that become wider from the knees downward, forming a bell like shape of the trouser leg. In the early 19th century , when a standardised uniform didn’t yet exist , in the US navy , some sailors adopted the style of wide trousers ending in bell- shaped cuffs .
A flawless 70s style fashion and what can be more pleasing if it is complemented with four layered Bally shaped sleeves and Ray ban sunglasses .
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Love to be in 70’s . Love to have the flat ironed hair parted down the middle and bel bottoms .
This is surely a costume that oozes royalty and style , an absolute head turner .

The elegant outfit is grabbed from the collection of Neelam studio perfectly captured by Joseph and model’s make up by Nabila .

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